Sierra del Hacho (Gaucín)

A steep and rocky hill of limestone dominating the village of Gaucín. A perfect hike with wonderfull sceneries of the Genal and Guadiaro valleys, and no less attractive views of Gibraltar and Africa.

El Hacho de Gaucín. Vista del el Castillo de las Águilas (Gaucín)Highlights (fauna, fungi & flora)

  1. Large population of the Iberian Peony, Paeonia broteri.
  2. Seven species of orchids, including the rare Bumblebee Orchid, Ophrys bombyliflora.
  3. Griffon vultures, Gyps fulvus, flying over and beneath.
  4. Woodland birds and more raptors.
  5. Often difficult to see: Iberian ibex, Capra pyrenaica hispanica.
  6. In January-February: Almond blossom, Prunus dulcis.
  7. A nice variety of habitats in a short distance.

Ophrys bombyliflora en la Sierra del Hacho (Gaucín, Málaga)Biodiversity data at link.