The Genal Field Station (G.F.S.) – Andalusia

Asociación de educación ambiental El Bosque Animado

You visit the English section of our website. Please, do visit the Spanish version for full access to contents. You are very welcome to participate and support our efforts for conserving the beautifull Genal Valley.

Visit of the Genal Valley, a Mediterranean nature paradise
Congreso Europeo de Odonatología 2024

European Congress of Odonatology 2024

… reach Spain by the way of the Iberian Group and ROLA.

Congreso Europeo de Odonatología 2024

TEOSS: The Orthoptera Sound System

Workshops on bioaccoustic of Orthopera in Europe. Italy, Greece, Spain. TEOSS (2024-2025).

Congreso Europeo de Odonatología 2024

Hornet project

Education on the Genus Vespa (wasps and hornets) in Andalusia.

We work to allow present and future generations to enjoy nature and be more supportive. Our central theme is biodiversity: its knowledge, conservation and the relationship that people have with it. Our effort is to promote scientific culture in society.

Teaching at Genal Field Station
Chairwoman of Asociacion de educacion ambiental El Bosque Animado
Learning and sharing experiences to improve the health of our planet and our beloved ones. Arriba Bosqueteras/os Animadas/os ¡¡¡
Silvia Saldaña

Chairwoman, AEA El Bosque Animado

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