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Starting the Boletín ROLA back in 2012, we hoped to attract people from all over Europe to go dragonflying in Andalusia. We have been successful, and this time we present a contribution of friends from The Netherlands, who gathered many data of the regional fauna while in hollydays. Among others, they located a lot of habitats with riverin gomphid dragonflies. Reading the paper on the Odonata of the Rio de Almargen, a completely different fauna is presented. The alluvial habitats are dominated by the species of lotic habitats within the riverbeds, and are nearly free of gomphids. Fascinating to see with a “northern view” from Germany this regional diversity of river systems and its indication by Odonata. Finally a third paper presents detailed information on Orthetrum nitidinerve, a species of small running waters, and of completely different ecological characteristic compared with the running waters studied
As a good tradition, we also present data of the regional mapping activities, and later to be used to complete the Spanish atlas on dragonflies. Enjoy.

Martin Schorr
International Dragonfly Fund e.V.