On March 22, 2019, we organized a field trip in “el Genal” for the IUCN group of experts on freshwater aquatic ecosystems, after an international seminar held in Malaga on methods of monitoring aquatic fauna and flora.

We sampled the aptly named Pond of La Florida (Benadalid), a temporary Mediterranean pond, almost entirely covered by the delicate white flowers of Ranunculus peltatus. Thanks to the presence of the different specialists present, we were able to detect interesting taxa, highlighting the presence of aquatic mosses (Riella spec.) that only inhabits temporary pools and that Richard Lansdown made us discover.

In the afternoon, we visit the “Field Station” and explain the project we, as a NGO, are starting in the Genal Valley. It was a special moment to receive IUCN experts in our premises as the first group of visiting scientists (!).

We have appreciated your contributions and the enriching day.

Pictures: Catherine Neuma y Geert De Knijf. Luis Bonaño, Florent Prunier.


IUCN Freshwater Aquatic Ecosystem Expert Group
We sampled the Florida Pool (Benadalid)
Ranunculus peltatus
Lestes macrostigma
Sampling in temporary pond

Species list sighted in the pond (Link). Aquatic species highlighted in blue.


1 Buitre Leonado – Gyps fulvus
2 Pito Real Ibérico – Picus sharpei
3 Agateador Europeo – Certhia brachydactyla
4 Petirrojo Europeo – Erithacus rubecula
5 Escribano Soteño – Emberiza cirlus


6 Culebra viperina – Natrix maura
7 Sapo común espinoso – Bufo spinosus
8 Ranita meridional – Hyla meridionalis
9 Gallipato – Pleurodeles waltl


10 Blanca de la col – Pieris brassicae
11 Cardera – Vanessa cardui
12 Níspola – Coenonympha pamphilus


13 Lestes macrostigma
14 Lestes virens
15 Ischnura graellsii
16 Anax imperator
17 Crocothemis erythraea
18 Sympetrum striolatum
19 Trithemis kirbyi


20 Aiolopus strepens
21 Pezotettix giornae
22 Euryparyphes terrulentus
23 Paratettix meridionalis
24 Uvarovitettix nodulosus


25 Candidula gigaxii


26 Baldellia ranunculoides
27 Vellorita – Bellis perennis
28 Bellis sylvestris
29 Calendula arvensis
30 Calicotome villosa
31 Chara vulgaris
32 Clematis cirrhosa
33 Junquillo – Eleocharis palustris
34 Erodium primulaceum
35 Hierba topera – Euphorbia characias
36 Fedia cornucopiae
37 Juncus inflexus
38 Narcissus papyraceus
39 Ophrys fusca
40 Lentisco – Pistacia lentiscus
41 Polypodium cambricum
42 Ficaria verna
43 Ranunculus peltatus
44 Riella spec.
45 Serapias lingua
46 Stachys arvensis
47 Veronica hederifolia
48 Vinca difformis


49 Teloschistes chrysophthalmus