Volunteering in scientific international camps in Andalusia


  • A week long biodiversity camp in Serrania de Ronda, Malaga, Andalusia, Spain (GFS overview).
  • Mornings and early afternoons spent in the field.
  • Simple and standardized protocols to assess biodiversity.
  • Andalusian heated conditions avoided.
  • In late afternoon, we will use our lab facilities to look at specimens under microscopes and compile data.
  • Time to rest will be allowed.
  • A focused lecture will be presented every day.
  • Good accomodation is available in the village, with local gastronomy.
  • One day off for resting, visiting Ronda.

BEST: Biodiversity Estimate Survey Team

Biodiversity monitoring and surveys

Week program and survey goals

  • Pollinators survey (1 day)
  • Macroinvertebrates survey (1 day)
  • Butterflies transects (1 day)
  • Bird survey (1 day)
  • Dragonfly survey (1 day)
  • Ancient forest survey (1 day)
  • Night trapping (3 nights)
  • Integrating the trip data

DUST: Dragonflies Usefull Survey Team

Dragonflies in SW Andalusia: surveys and ecology

Surveyed sites

  • Genal, Hozgarganta, Guadiaro rivers, Costa del Sol streams
  • Ponds and reservoirs

Questions for the survey

  • How do fare rare and treathened species?
  • Can we found proof of breeding for the species?
  • Fill the gaps! with a 2×2 or 5×5 grid square
  • Behavioural observations (for ex. thermoregulation records,  timing of activity)
  • Can we be so lucky to detect a new African species?

Topics covered in the lectures

  • Week program and survey goals.
  • Dragonflies of Andalusia
  • Genal, & Hozgarganta: the last wild Andalusian rivers
  • Dragonflies in Andalusia: advancements of the Andalusian Recording Scheme
  • Integrating the trip data: results and impressions

FIRST: Fish, Invertebrates and River Survey Team

River monitoring and surveys

Surveyed sites

  • Genal, Hozgarganta, Guadiaro rivers

Questions for the survey

  • What is the habitat quality for aquatic fauna in the best known sites for each river?
  • Can we detect specimens of the rare and endangered species?

Topics covered in the lectures

  • Week program and survey goals
  • Rivers Genal, Guadiaro, Hozgarganta & riparian habitats
  • Macroinvertebrates
  • Otters and semi-aquatic Mammals, Fishes, Mussels & Crayfishes, Dragonflies, Dipper & riverine birds
  • Integrating the trip data